Inver Hills College Parent Training & Education Questions & DiscussionSchool


Inver Hills College Parent Training & Education Questions & DiscussionSchool

Inver Hills Community College

Question Description

  • Word count should be more than 150 words and summarize in ideas and examples
  • Alfred Adler parent-training programs have led to some suggestions that parent training should be a prerequisite for parenthood. Reflect on the following questions:
    • If parent training or licensure were required, what should the prerequisites be (education, training, financial resources, others)?
    • Who should have the power to set the criteria for parenting licensure?
    • To what extent should criteria for parenting licensure be sensitive to cultural diversity?
    • What types of punitive or corrective actions should be available to authorities regarding parent licenses (suspend, revoke, etc.)?
    After considering the above questions, do you think our society should require parent training or a license for parenting? Why or why not?Next, provide a link to a recent current event in the media that speaks to the topic of parent training. Then, reflect on the following questions:
    • What is the article about?
    • How is your opinion about parent training either reflected or challenged in the article you selected?