Interventions And Treatments For Persons With Autism


A student with autism spectrum disorder is getting ready to transition from high school in your state/country. You are asked to provide the family a list of 10 resources that are appropriate for an adolescent/adult with an autism spectrum disorder. These resources can be a mix of local/state/national resources, but make sure that all resources are attainable for a person living in your state. For example, you might find a scholarship program that anyone can apply to regardless of where they reside, but you would not refer them to a specialized adult social skills counseling program that meets face-to-face in a different state than you are researching. Additionally, these resources can be directed toward any functioning level, and you do not necessarily have to make all resources match the same functioning level. For example, you might find a good resource for a non-verbal adult with ASD, but you also want to include a recommendation for a school program that would require a diploma. Both resources can be included on the same list. Please focus on resources and not behavioral recommendations. 

You are to use the same format you used for the Early Intervention assignment, but you may not repeat any resources. A good starting point is the Autism Speaks Adult Services website This website, along with your textbooks, can provide you with ideas of what would be useful for an adolescent/adult with ASD, but you should not use this website as one of your 10 resources. Links or pages within the Autism Speaks website, such as toolkits, should also not be used unless they are provided in addition to your 10 required resources. Remember, you not only need to describe the resource, but you need to indicate why it is important to a family who has a member with an ASD. Do not just copy and paste the description of the resource directly from the internet. Also, every resource needs some type of contact information in the form of website, or phone number, or address, etc. Examples of recommendations were provided in the Early Intervention assignment. Of your 10 resources you must provide one on each of the following topics:

1. A postsecondary educational recommendation

2. Employment information

3. Financial assistance

You must have a cover page that indicates the state you researched. Please see the next page for

a rubric to let you know how you will be graded.