Informatics Issues Paper and Debate Presentations


Informatics Issues Paper and Debate Presentations

Choose one of the following topics for the research paper. Decide whether you will argue for (pro) or against (con) the topic you have selected. Email to your instructor which topic you have chosen and is you are pro or con. 

The research paper should explore one of the assigned topics in 2-3 pages typed, double spaced, 12 point font (Times New Roman).  APA formatting is required. 

I choose – Topic 2: Mobile computing: point-of-care use of devices such as smartphones or tablets and their apps.

Affirmative (Pros): Smartphones, tablets, and apps should be used as a point-of-care tool for access to clinical information and references.  

In your paper: 

· Identify and define the issue. Include information for BOTH sides of the argument. 

· Whom does it affect? 

· What are the pros and cons? 

· What does the public need to know? 

In your debate: You will work with other students on your side of the topic to argue the points for pros and cons. Groups will be assigned based on the topic and side of the topic you choose to argue. A discussion thread will be set up for the debate and it will occur live on the last day of class. 

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