Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Anxiety Levels Research Paper


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Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Anxiety Levels Research Paper

In this assignment you will identify a research method you will use to study your hypothesis. By this point in the semester, you would have learned about a number of different research methods to chose from. In this section, you will write up a pretend study you would run, whether it is a survey, an observational study, a correlation study or an experimental design. You will identify some of the details of the study depending on your research design. For example, if you are doing a survey, what will be some of the questions, who will get your survey, how many people, how will they take the survey, etc. If you are doing an experimental design, how many groups you will have, how many people in each group, what will be group conditions (i.e., how will the groups differ), will there be a control group/placebo group, any deception used, etc. Again, this is a pretend mock exercise so you can come up with ideal but plausible scenarios, such as you will have 2k people in each group or 10k people took your survey.

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