Housing and Building Environment


TOPIC: Housing and Building Environment

(Look into mortgage & housing associations, assisted living, etc.)

Write a400-wordblogchallenging the assumptions made on the topic using your understanding from the textbook study, web research, and library work. It should not be directly copied from the sources of your choice but rather be expressed in your own words and using multiple resources. (No use of pronouns such as I, you, etc.)

Key Elements:

· APA Style of Writing

· Go against the grain, make your inferences, & challenge what you are learning

· Cover page: Title/Name/Course/Professor Louigene/ DUE DATE (In exact order)

· Citations throughout the assignment

· Reference page

· Be innovative


“It has been said successful aging in being active in your health by continuous physical activities.”

Challenge: But it is more than just physical activities

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