Holmes Community College Mulan Disney Movie DiscussionSchool


Holmes Community College Mulan Disney Movie DiscussionSchool

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Assignment: Apply 3 major sociological perspective, symbolic interaction, conflict and functionalism. (Choose Disney Movie. DO NOT USE LION KING Use characters, story line, setting etc. to explain main ideas of the perspectives (symbolic interaction, conflict and functionalism)

Paper: word document, 2-3 pages, font size 12pt, times new roman

Section I

A. state movie using

B. Identify theoretical perspective using main ideas of perspective? Can use more than one perspective.

Section II

A. Give examples (explain/apply) that illustration how the theoretical perspective can be seen in movie. What happened in the movie that can be understood using the perspectives you selected? Explain 3 different scenes in this section.

B. In the explanation use 5 sociological terms: (coalition, aggregate, predictability, primary groups, oligarchy, secondary group, shared interests, bureaucracy, reference group). Put terms in bold print.

Section III

Briefly state your thoughts on assignment. BE specific. You could also add any suggestions on how to improve this assignment.