From two censuses of a population’s occupations


From two censuses of a population’s occupations, carried out in 2000 and 2010, the following
figures were obtained (all values are in ‘000s).
Out of 3720 males employed in non-manual occupations in 2000, 450 were employed in professional jobs, 1290 in administration, 500 were shop-keepers, 690 were clerical workers, 480 shop assistants and the remainder in personal services. Of the 3870 women employees in non-manual occupations in 2000, 40 were in professional jobs, 780 in administration, 160 were shop-keepers, 1090 were clerical workers, 560 shop assistants and the rest in personal services.
In 2010, the number of male employees had gone up by 850. There were increases of 210 in professional jobs, 80 in shopkeepers, 120 in clerical workers and 20 in personal services. The number in administration was then 1620. In 2010, the female total was 4730. Female clerical workers were 1540, in personal services 1360 and in administration 920. Female shop assistants increased by 110 in 2010, and professional women by 10.
Present the above information in a table and graphically suitable for reproduction in a national

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