Evaluate Quantitative Research Methods For Potential Studies



Review the scenarios and related research questions below. Create some context for the identified scenario and research question. Then, select one research method that could address the research questions (one for each) based on the section topics and readings. For each method, discuss what the method is, how it would be designed to support the research question and the rationale for choosing the selected method.

Then, discuss the hypotheses you might have in support. Explain the following and justify your response for each scenario and research question using different research methods from above for research question methods 1 and 2.:

Identify the population that might be considered.
Explain the sampling process to be used.
Propose a collection strategy.
Determine an analysis process that could be applied. In particular, identify and support an appropriate analysis process, and explain why.
Discuss any ethical considerations.

You must clearly describe the key points of each area, supporting each step with citations to your course text as well as peer-reviewed studies that directly align with the key areas discussed.

Scenario 1: Literature has revealed that there is a need to understand television-watching behaviors between two groups of students. The following research question was developed in support:

Research Question for Method 1 Do undergraduate college psychology students watch more TV than psychology graduate students?  Choose from

Scenario 2: Research demonstrates that there is a need to identify whether there is a relationship between individuals who have high cholesterol and depression, as this could help reveal additional, related risk factors for health concerns. The following research question was developed in support:

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