Essay topic:Introduction to sociology

  •    Which one of the following qualities apply to an institution?          
  • Question 24.2 out of 4.2 points   Which one of the following statements is false about social ties formed through digital technologies?Selected Answer: Answers:       
  • Question 34.2 out of 4.2 points   Phrases like “I psyched myself up,” “I tried hard not to feel disappointed,” and “I let myself feel sad” get at the effort involved in           
  • Question 44.2 out of 4.2 points   Granovetter learned that contacts who helped newly employed workers land their jobs were likely those that the job seekers          
  • Question 54.2 out of 4.2 points   The status of physician can be considered ______________ if everyone, no matter the setting, seeks health-related advice from that person.          
  • Question 64.2 out of 4.2 points   In the backstage, people          
  • Question 74.2 out of 4.2 points   Which of the following is one of the strategies McDonald’s used to become a global giant?          
  • Question 84.2 out of 4.2 points   McDonald’s and the products it sells are part of a global-scale food chain involving hundreds of thousands of suppliers who grow, raise, and manufacture products. McDonald’s is part of the          
  • Question 94.2 out of 4.2 points   The organizational trend guided by instrumental-rational action in which the principles governing fast food restaurants come to dominate other sectors of society is known as the          
  • Question 104.2 out of 4.2 points   When a customer places an order at McDonald’s, an order taker keys it into the computer, then kitchen employees assemble the order, send it to the order taker who hands it to the customer. This process represents which one of the following features of a bureaucracy?Selected Answer: Answers:       
  • Question 114.2 out of 4.2 points   A student writes, “At my place of work, sales staff is rewarded according to a point system. When a customer applies for and is accepted for a store credit card, the salesperson receives 1,000 points.” The student is writing aboutSelected Answer: Answers:       
  • Question 124.2 out of 4.2 points   __________________ is a state in which human life is dominated by the forces of human inventions.          
  • Question 134.2 out of 4.2 points   Suggestive selling, accepting credit cards as payment, and expanding operating hours to 24 hours are strategies used by the fast food industry toSelected Answer: Answers:       
  • Question 144.2 out of 4.2 points   The value placed on the ____________ underlies the Korean use of “our” versus “my”.Selected Answer: Answers:       
  • Question 154.2 out of 4.2 points   A folkway isSelected Answer: Answers:       
  • Question 164.2 out of 4.2 points   “No two languages are ever sufficiently similar to be considered as representing the same social reality.” This sentence applies toSelected Answer: Answers:       
  • Question 174.2 out of 4.2 points   In any society there are many groups that share values of the mainstream culture but possess cultural characteristics that set them apart in some way. These groups are known as          
  • Question 184.2 out of 4.2 points   Buddhists monks constitute a counterculture known as _____________ because they are in search of enlightenment through simple living, modest dreams, and vegetarian diet.          
  • Question 194.2 out of 4.2 points   The view that any aspect of culture must be assessed in the context of the society in which it is found is called          
  • Question 204.2 out of 4.2 points   ___________ give us discipline and support of routine and habit.          
  • Question 214.2 out of 4.2 points   Examples of _________ include magazines, newspapers, commercials, radio broadcasts, and cartoon characters.          
  • Question 224.2 out of 4.2 points   Which of the following does not illustrate in-group vs. outgroup dynamics?          
  • Question 234.2 out of 4.2 points   The “me” is the part of the self that          
  • Question 244.2 out of 4.2 points   An Israeli soldier remarks “The Palestinian boys would look at you with hatred, such hatred that it reminded me of how the Jews in concentration camps in the Holocaust looked at [the guards]. You are the most evil thing on earth right now…”. Charles Horton Cooley would argue that the guard imagining himself from the perspective of the Palestinian boys represents the dynamics of          
  • Question 254.2 out of 4.2 points   The prescription drug addict who seeks out treatment to change destructive behavior is undergoing  __________ resocialization.          
  • Question 264.2 out of 4.2 points   YouTube contains thousands of videos chronicling various viewpoints on the Palestinian–Jewish conflict. These videos represent          
  • Question 274.2 out of 4.2 points   Researchers Ben-David and Lavee studied Israeli families to learn how members behaved toward one another during a missile attack. The researchers studied          
  • Question 284.2 out of 4.2 points   Behavior influenced by the attention one receives from being the subject of a research study is the          
  • Question 294.2 out of 4.2 points   Which one of the questions listed below is a conflict theorist most likely to ask?          
  • Question 304.2 out of 4.2 points   Which of the following would be the best option to obtain a representative sample of students at your college?          
  • Question 314.2 out of 4.2 points   In reviewing the existing literature on socially assistive robots, Lee looked          
  • Question 324.2 out of 4.2 points   Researchers should maintain objectivity. This means they should          
  • Question 334.2 out of 4.2 points   An employer tells workers “If you aren’t happy with the pay and working conditions here, go work somewhere else! It’s a free country.” Conflict theorists call this line of reasoning          
  • Question 344.2 out of 4.2 points   People in households with an annual income under $10,000 add to their income and recycling efforts when they collect cans and bottles. This represents          
  • Question 354.2 out of 4.2 points   In analyzing social inequality functionalists ask          
  • Question 364.2 out of 4.2 points   Which one of the following statements best illustrates how sociologists think about an infant’s chances to “succeed” in life?Selected Answer: Answers:       
  • Question 374.2 out of 4.2 points   What sets ______ apart from the economic systems that preceded it, is the “constant revolutionizing of production. the uninterrupted disturbance of all social condition, and everlasting uncertainty and asitation.”          
  • Question 384.2 out of 4.2 points   Xavier is applying for a customer service job. He has a charming personality but the interviewer noticed Xavier has missing teeth. Xavier does not get the job because he lacks __________ cultural capital.          
  • Question 390 out of 4.2 points   Ming finds that she is struggling in reading. She and everyone around her tell her that she needs to “practice, practice, practice” and she will succeed. The backdrop to Ming’s struggles is a matter of           
  • Question 404.2 out of 4.2 points   If an individual pursues a college degree taking the easiest classes and paying friends to write essays and papers, the action is classified as          
  • Question 414.2 out of 4.2 points   Which one of the following sociologists is credited with co-founding Hull House?          
  • Question 424.2 out of 4.2 points   Sociologist C. Wright Mills believed that people, in order to gain some sense of control over their lives, need to          
  • Question 434.2 out of 4.2 points   When Oreo cookies are transplanted into a new setting and then changed to fit local tastes, the process is known as          
  • Question 444.2 out of 4.2 points   Unemployment is a(n) _______ when it results from corporate downsizing.          
  • Question 454.2 out of 4.2 points   One might equate instrumental-rational action with          
  • Question 464.2 out of 4.2 points   Telephone tapping, interception of letters and electronic monitoring are examples of          
  • Question 474.2 out of 4.2 points   People who violate ______ are usually punished severely; they are ostracized, institutionalized, and sometimes even executed.         d. mechanisms of social control
  • Question 484.2 out of 4.2 points   For labeling theorists, the critical focus in the study of deviance is the          
  • Question 494.2 out of 4.2 points   A social arrangement in which surveillance is used to control people’s activities and thoughts is known as a          
  • Question 504.2 out of 4.2 points   A U.S. Bureau of Justice survey of crime victims documented that almost 58 percent of crime victims do not report the crime to police. This suggests that there are large numbers of __________ in U.S. society.          
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