Energy and Equity.


Hello dear students. We are here meeting for Week 10 Forum. This week you should answer the following:

A) Your own thread:

I) Topic 1: Energy and Equity.

SHRADER-FRECHETTE & PREISSER (2013) pose a daring thesis regarding bioenergy. Considering this article, answer the following:

1) Have you ever considered that even so-called “green policies” can have invisible negative effects? Provide comments on this.

Guideline: overall length should be 70-120 words.

2) Do you think developing countries should have a saying or even “sit at the table” when green policies are defined, or could the be designed based solely on the investigations and points of views of developed countries? Justify your answer.

Guideline: overall length should be 70-120 words.

II) Topic 3: Climate change and crime.

3) What is Agnew’s central thesis/argument in his 2011 article? Extract it literally from the article and briefly explain it with your words, using other parts of the article.

Guideline: 1) The central thesis/argument is explicitly provided by the author, so it should be easy to find and extract. 2) After that, “explain it with your words,using otherparts of the article ” should be done in 70-120 words, where you can paraphrase the pieces, citing their pages.

4) What “leading crime theories” were you able to identify in the article?

Guideline: overall length should be 50-100 words.

B) Your answer to a colleague:

Exchange comments on one question of your choice: either 01; 02; 03 or 04. Choose one question your peer answered, clearly state which one you are choosing and compare your answer to your peer’s answer, saying how they relate (complement, contradict, etcetera).

Guideline: overall length should be 70-120 words.

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