ECOM 322 Saudi Electronic University Social Media Marketing ReportCourse


ECOM 322 Saudi Electronic University Social Media Marketing ReportCourse

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[XXX] is the largest Restaurant Equipment Supplier that sell [Catering Equipment, Cooking Equipment, Ovens, Food Holding and Warming Equipment, Food Preparation, Beverage Equipment] to the end consumers. And they sell it online on their website and in their local store.

They are planning to market and promote their products on social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Foursquare, …. etc.

The goal is to assess where [XXX] is, in terms of their social media use and activities, while providing a sense of what you [As social media marketer] could do for them to develop their Social Media Marketing Plan [SMMP].

Assignments will involve creating accounts on popular social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat.

For this part of the assignment, you need to write a report that describe the following aspects of the business.

1. Brief overview [Brand Summary & Social Media Accounts]

▪ Find creative store/business name [Doesn’t exist].

▪ Create proper social media accounts [such as Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat].

▪ Describe the industry and company.

▪ Explain the competitive advantage.

▪ What do you want to achieve with social media?

▪ Describe how social media marketing can contribute.

2. Audit your social media platforms performance

▪ After creating your social media accounts, share it with your colleagues.

▪ All students are required to participate/engage [likes, comments, tags or share].

▪ Social media marketing statistics will give you the vision you need to improve your

plan, check your account’s statistics [ex: Twitter analytics, Instagram Insights] and

attach a screenshot to your report.

▪ After that, you must analyze the company’s use of the social media by examining

their presence on the following social media platforms:

Metric Sentiment Reach




Average response

time to feedback

Platform 1

Platform 2

Platform 3

Note: you can use any free online Sentiment Analysis tools to evaluate your social media


3. SWOT and Competitive Analysis:

▪ Conduct a social media SWOT analysis for your business.

▪ Research what your competitors are doing. Select 3 competitors and write the

Competitive Analysis section of your SMMP. For each competitor answer the

following questions:

▪ What type of content are they posting? And social media platforms used?

▪ What content is getting the highest engagement [e.g. retweet, likes, comments]?

▪ How many followers do they have?

▪ How often do they post [daily, weekly or monthly]?

Note: You can use any free online third-party platform for further analysis.

4. Define your social media marketing goals

▪ Based on the finding from your social media audit, write the goals and strategies

section of your SMMP.

5. Target Market

▪ Research to determine the target audience of the business.

▪ Develop a persona for social media by interviewing 3 members of your target audience.

▪ Identify the suitable social media platform based on the target audience [at least 4 platforms].

6. Implementation [Content Ideas]

For each social media platform [based on the previous selection]:

▪ Determine the purpose/goal

▪ Ideal time for Posting

▪ What types of content will help you driving people to your website and local store?

▪ In detail, develop actionable social media tactics to implement each of the social media platforms.

▪ Regarding influencer marketing strategy, select 3 influencers and evaluate the following:

▪ The influencers you will employ and why you selected them

▪ Social media platforms they are using

▪ The nature of their followers

▪ The media and messages you will ask your influencers to promote

7. Evaluation and Measuring

▪ Choose four metrics to measure the success of your social media campaign? [Explain].

▪ How do you know if your social media activities are effective?

8. Conclusion:

▪ Conclude your report.

9. Reference list

▪ List all the sources you have used in the process of researching your work.ecom_322___project_assign