Delayed Gratification Essay


Journal Writing Assignment: Delayed Gratification

I was in the final year of high school, and I had the final high school examination. At the same time, there was the final game of the United European Football Association (UEFA) champions league in a game that was pitting Barcelona and Chelsea. The final paper coincided with the day the game was to be played. I knew that I had not prepared for the paper, and facing the paper in my current state would have resulted in a guaranteed fail. I Knew that studying through the night could make the difference and contribute towards securing myself a college to take a course of my choice. The short-term choice of watching the champions league final game was so tempting as it involved the meeting of the best continental teams, which included my favorite team. I wanted to have an experience of the game first and support my team at the same time.

The benefit of choosing the less enjoyable option (studying for my examination) was that I had the chance to influence my future positively. After much consideration, I decided to choose the less enjoyable and more beneficial option of studying for my examination and forego the watching of the game that seemed so important and more enjoyable to me. The decision-making process was not easy, but the main influencing factor was the future gains from the option that I chose. I decide to study for the examination, marginally passed the examination, and got to the college of my choice. Thus, I was able to influence my future positively. If I had selected the short term, the enjoyable option of watching the football match, I would have gotten the short-term satisfaction of having supported my team while I would have lost on my ambition of securing a college placement. In conclusion, I learned that I should not give up what I want most for what I want now.

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