Crestview Dividing Housework and Childcare Discussion Posts ResponsesSchool


Crestview Dividing Housework and Childcare Discussion Posts ResponsesSchool

Crestview High School

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I don’t know how to handle this Sociology question and need guidance.

300 WORDS Describe how you envision dividing housework and childcare (if you plan on having children) with your partner. If you are already live with a partner, discuss how housework and childcare (if applicable) are currently handled. Consider the following questions when creating your response:

  • Is fairness important (equal time invested)? What if someone consistently invests more time than the other – would that be an issue?
  • Will the work be gendered (females cleaning and cooking while males tend to cars and yard work)? How will the tasks be divided (who will do what)?
  • Will someone do more housework based on employment or income?


POST1: Child care, and housework when I have children with my partner would consist of 50/50. In other words, my partner and I will be taking turns with the housework and child care. It will be equal for both of us, and we can even help each other with the house cleaning and errands. A lot of couples in the Latino community, the male would work and the women would cook, and take care of the children. Sometimes it becomes a problem because it takes a toll emotionally on the women, and I have seen men claiming they are doing a lot more than the women and then it becomes a critical issue during their relationship. It can become an issue because if one partner does a lot more, it will be unfair for the other partner. The work will be divided in a random manner. In my home, the work will not be divided into a gender matter. My future husband will cook, clean, tend for the children and I will also break the norm of ‘gendered’ work. It will be equally fun for both of us so we can change the routine. One week I can tend of the children, and the next week I can focus on general chores/housework. My partner and I will probably work, so the income doesn’t really matter. Unless one of us doesn’t have a job at the moment, well they can focus on the children and the house chores. If I were jobless and my future husband would be working I would be willing to clean and cook. I would feel productive and I would 100% understand that my husband comes tired from work. It all depends on the situation, but if both of us have a job we would work together. That’s how the jobs get done easily.

POST 2: In my response on this topic I chose to to tell you about how my housework will be handled when I decide on having a family. When it’s time for manly things around the house I will take care of it, for example taking out the trash, yard work, sewage, and any little thing I would think a lady needs to do. My wife or girlfriend would have to take care of her laundry of course, and she would have to do small things really like dishes, hopefully she can cook, and she should be good at decorating the house lie she wants it. Yes there is some time where fairness needs to be important because there are certain roles that either gender can do in the relationship. And if one of us are employed and the other isn’t, the one that is unemployed should spend more time taking care of the house because of the extra time that they have during the day. Like for me if I do make it to the NFL I will be gone alot but I will be the main money source but I wouldn’t want no dependent girl I like independent so I would expect her to have some type of job as well so she would have an income. If that’s the case then the house chores and extra stuff wouldn’t be that bad because nobody would be home like that unless we have a kid. But cooking and cleaning I can cook but like I said earlier I really hope she can cook as well because I like it to
Be honest. Anything else working with a car or something she can participate if she wants to, I would ask her if she wants to come watch just in case something were to happen she would know how to fix it if I weren’t around.