Columbia College McDonalds Marketing Plan PaperSchool


Columbia College McDonalds Marketing Plan PaperSchool

Columbia College

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I’m stuck on a Marketing question and need an explanation.

The company that I have chosen for my marketing plan is Mcdonalds, so please use this company for this project.

Using the company/organization that you have chosen for your marketing plan (final project), answer the following questions:

  1. Look at the Figure in Chapter 14 entitled, Integrated Marketing Communications, that outlines the blended mix of promotional tools (advertising, personal selling, sales promotion etc.). Consider which mix of tools will be best suited to the company/organization (choose at least 2).
  2. Discuss why these would be the best marketing communication tools and summarize what kind of marketing communication you would employ (for example, what type of sales promotion would you recommend for the company etc.).
  3. What types of advertising objectives would you recommend (see table entitled ‘Possible Advertising Objectives” in Chapter 15)?
  4. How could a cloud based CRM tool help this company/organization?

(The figure from chapter 14 has the following promotional tools “advertising, personal selling, public relations, direct and digital marketing and sales promotion).Attachment preview

Carefully blended mix of promotion tools Advertising Personal selling Public Relations Direct and digital marketing