Clinical Dental Hygiene


This project will provide opportunities to identify the heath beliefs, values, and practices of the group other than you own. 

1.After reading the diverse background introduction statements of your classmates and investigating the population you serve in patient care or wish to know more about, select a cultural group. This group must be new to your personal background. Advise me of the group via email.

2.Create a word document formal paper which address the following topics. Use AMA citations. This document will be submitted to Turnitin and graded as part of course project. See grading criteria. If you insert pictures be sure to reference them from source. 

Introduction and Content 



a.Describe this cultural group giving specifics as to where they reside in the New York State or New York City. Do not spend much narrative describing the original country yet describe the population as in New York. If there is a different location than local New York City and boroughs explain how you interact with this group and why you selected them. 

b.Describe the following topics:

health beliefs 

values for health/dental care 

customs related to dental care 

religious beliefs related to health, prevention, disease or illness, or any other health related aspect. 

risk factors for dental disease if related

c.Include a case scenario which highlights some cultural uniqueness and make recommendations for oral health education strategies for this group. State in your case some examples of what would need to be modified to address the beliefs or practices of this group. Use Galanti for examples however case must be dental/oral health based.

3.Use online data base searches to obtain information as well as dental literature to reference your finding about the cultural practices of this group. 

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