Cause/Effect Essay


For this journal entry, I would like you to look over the Cause/Effect Essay assignment and select a main topic (associated with the essay you summarized) to free-write on. You don’t have to stick with this topic for your essay; I just want you to practice thinking through causes, effects, and/or causal chains. Your ideas should NOT be based on information found in the essay, rather they should come from your life and experiences. Ideally, you will think critically about your topic and come up with ideas not already written about in the essay from the book. Ultimately, you will have to do some research on some or all of your ideas, so it’s okay if you aren’t completely convinced of some causes and effects chosen to include in your journal.

This entry should be well-developed and at least 250 words. Please check it for grammar and spelling. You do not need to include a Works Cited unless you directly reference the essay from the book (and you shouldn’t do that because this is about what YOU believe to be true based on your own experiences and observations)

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