Case Study: Ajay is an employee whose performance was more than satisfactory for over 2 years.


Case Study: Ajay is an employee whose performance wasmore than satisfactory for over 2 years. Hiswork assignments were completed on timeand accurately done. However, for the last3 months, Ajay’s work has been consistentlylate and incomplete. His work also hascontained an increased number of mistakes.He does not seem to be concentrating onhis work very well and often gives vagueand incomplete answers when his managerneeds information from him. Ajay’sperformance problems started about thetime a new computer system was introducedin the company. His manager has providedregular feedback and counselling to Ajay onthe problems with his assignments. Duringone of the counselling sessions Ajaymentioned problem using the new software.Ajay and his manager jointly agreed that heshould take advantage of the 2 day trainingsession offered. After the training session the trainer informed the manager that Ajaybarely participated in the training sessionand that he acted very nonchalant during the entire 2 days. Ajay’s performance is still not improving. He has a backlog of work which means his assignments are often late and is impacting the work of others. The manager has asked other employees to step in and help complete the backlog. In addition the manager is spending a lot of time reviewing his submissions and has found three serious errors in the past 2 weeks. The manager is now seriously thinking of counselling Ajay in the next 3-4 weeks time.(a) Is Ajay’s performance an example of poor or marginal performance ? Are 3or 4 weeks an appropriate amount of time to wait if the manager decides to counsel Ajay ?(b) Does this situation meet the criteria for counselling ? Why explain in detail ?

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