Capella University Ideal Ethics Project & Risk Management Tools PaperSchool


Capella University Ideal Ethics Project & Risk Management Tools PaperSchool

Capella University

Question Description

This assignment is the culmination of your work on the Ideal Ethics Project – Risk Management Toolkit. Your toolkit should include three ethical policy documents for the purpose of handling ethical training in your current or future company. This assignment will also include a finalized version of your Unit 7 assignment and will use at minimum the five sources you reviewed in your Unit 5 annotated bibliography. Before starting the assignment, review the scoring guide to make sure you have included all the requirements on which you will be graded.

Your final project should include the following:


The responses to the interview questions and your reflection upon the interview from your Unit 7 assignment.

  • Name of the company.
  • Who did you interview in the company?
  • What population does the company serve?
  • What ethics policies are in place for the employees to be trained on? Some examples of potential policies include:
    • Harassment.
    • Discrimination.
    • Workplace violence.
  • Does the company have other policies in place?
  • How often are the employees retrained on the policies?
  • Where does the training take place? A classroom or the Internet?
  • How does the company make sure the employees comply with the training, if mandated?
  • Would the company be willing to share copies of their policies with you?
  • What was your assessment of what you found out about the ethics of the company?
    • Would you do anything differently, if you were in charge? If so, what?
  • What does current research say about ethics or ethical training in the workplace?


  • Three ethical policy documents that address ethical policies for the organization. These policies could be ones that you have created or policies that the organization has shared with you. Be sure to indicate the source of the policies. Some examples of potential policies include:
    • Harassment.
    • Discrimination.
    • Workplace Violence.
      • Note: The policies that you include in the final project only need to be approximately one page in length.
  • An ethical training plan for 2 of the 3 policy documents you developed. The training plan should include:
    • An outline of the type (or types) or training you would provide to organizational employees about each policy (for example, presentations, workshops, Q&A sessions, self-directed or online, et cetera).
    • An explanation of how you will ensure that employees have appropriately completed and understood the training.
    • A rationale for how often employees will be retrained on each policy.


  • Use the questions about the named company (above) as abbreviated headings to guide the reader through the first part of the toolkit.
  • The project will be a minimum of 15 pages, including cover sheet and references. No abstract is needed in this project.
  • Five peer-reviewed journal articles will be incorporated into the final project. (These can be the articles from your Annotated Bibliography.)
  • Include a title page.
  • Include a reference page. Be sure to use proper APA style and formatting.
  • Use the SafeAssign Draft option to check your writing and ensure that you have paraphrased, quoted, and cited your sources appropriately.

Note: Your instructor may also use the Writing Feedback Tool to provide feedback on your writing. In the tool, click the linked resources for helpful writing information.