Capella University Harassment and Ethical Leadership QuestionsSchool


Capella University Harassment and Ethical Leadership QuestionsSchool

Capella University

Question Description

For this discussion, please read the following vignette and be prepared to address it as you answer the discussion questions below.

Sally reports to you, her supervisor, that several employees were sending around an inappropriate e-mail that included jokes about date rape. Sally inadvertently received one of the e-mails meant for another colleague and was offended by its content.

Your response should answer the following:

  • As the supervisor, how would you handle this situation?
  • What resources did you use to guide your decision?
  • What does your profession’s code of ethics and professional standards say about harassment?
  • What do your state’s laws say about harassment?

Your initial post must be a minimum of 250 words, not including restatement of questions or reference sections. Posts must include adequate depth and scholarly understanding of concepts that are appropriate for this level of education. They must go beyond summarizing concepts and must utilize aspects of critical thinking and advanced application. You must include references from the course textbook and at least one peer-reviewed journal article, using appropriate APA citations.