(Answered) Essential Nursing Care- Chronic and Complex Nursing


(Answered) Essential Nursing Care-Chronic and Complex Nursing

Case study is in attached file. The written assessment tasks for this subject require you to submit a Case Study Report in which you explore the potential impact of chronic and complex conditions on the patient. In addition to a brief introduction and conclusion, PART A of your report should include: A discussion of the pathophysiology and related clinical manifestations of EACH diagnosed chronic illness that the patient is presenting with in the case study Define chronicity and complexity. A discussion of the chronicity and complexity of the patient’s condition, including the identification of two (2) possible interactions between the patient’s co-morbidities and a discussion of how these conditions will impact the patient and her family. You will need to consider the pathophysiology, clinical manifestations and the medication the patient is taking in this part of the report. Your report must adhere to academic writing conventions. Sub-headings may be used, but dot points and tables should not be included in this part of the assessment item. You should support your discussion with a MINIMUM 10 recent (less than 7 years old) and credible sources. Credible sources include, peer reviewed journal articles, text-books, evidence summaries, best practice guidelines, government documents, health facility clinical guidelines and policies/procedures and websites containing content aimed at health professionals. Please try to use Australian sources. Also please try to include the following text book as a reference: Chang, E., & Johnson, A. (2014). Chronic Illness & Disability: Principles for nursing practice (Second ed.). Chatswood NSW: Elsevier Australia. Referencing must be APA Please use the attached marking rubric and aim for at least distinction level.

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