A Portfolio of Learning


A Portfolio of Learning

This portfolio will comprise the following elements.

a) ‘what is psychosocial studies’, and then write a reflection on what they have learned from listening to their peer’s OR world response, e.g., documenting how it has changed the way they think about the psychosocial (200 words).
b) Precis – key skill: give a succinct summary of a key text or portion of a text of the student’s choice. The task is not to critically assess, but to simply paraphrase what the original author is saying (350 words). PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR TEXT FROM THE ATTACHED LECTURE SLIDES
c) Critical analysis: Produce a short critical analysis of one text that they have read. This builds on the precis (see above) but moves towards critical analysis (350 words). PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR TEXT FROM THE ATTACHED LECTURES SLIDES
d) A reflexive summary at the end of what the student has learned, looking back at their previously submitted elements in the portfolio of learning (350 words). PLEASE USE THE OUTLINED BELOW TO ANSWER (D)
•    explain some core assumptions of psychosocial studies.
•    identify the relationships (affinities and critical distinctions) between psychosocial studies and some of the disciplinary positions out of which it has emerged
•    apply some basic psychosocial ideas to the field of intimate human relationships

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