150 words – Write a feedback to the below post, with at least one external source


150 words – Write a feedback to the below post, with at least one external source

Data governance is a combination process of data collecting, policies, standards, and metrics that ensure the effectiveness and efficient use of information in enabling an organization to achieve its goals. In my opinion, the data collection method that the sponsor used is very mature, although I have no idea how efficient that the process is, the provided variables are in decent details which described comprehensive aspects of solar PV system. However, the data records were collected in the form of minutes, which may cost data storage issues and potential risks of data lost, system crashes, and increased the standards of physical analytical equipment. The large amount of data size requires not only high-performance computer to play and adjust the data, but also extend the processing time for changing, which clearly slow down the efficient of using this information. For example, I was trying to extract two years records from the database to start my project, and my computer take too much time to process the data extraction with that number of records, only two years of data contains more than 2.8 million records, which is well exceed the capability of Excel and require computer that above average standards. Although this is a simple problem that can be easily solve by using functions in excel to generate average data points from minutes to hours, it still takes too many times to manipulate hundreds of tables. I would suggest that sponsor could optimize their data collection method at beginning, instead of record data in every minute, they could record the maximum, minimum, and average data point for an hour, although it may increase the number of variables in the datasets, but it will surely increase the efficiency of using these data.




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