Our Prices

Within 7 days3 - 7 $
Within 4 days4 - 9 $
Within 2 days5 - 11 $
Within 24 hours6 - 13 $

Our prices

We offer our writers with highly competitive prices

The value of each order depends on:

  • The urgency of the order- Urgent orders, for instance, those with 7 hours and below time frame, fetch a higher price than orders with the longer delivery time.
  • The educational Level of the order- The higher the level of education the higher the price offered for the paper.
  • The writer's level of writing
  • Number of pages to be written.


Additionally, we reward our writers with other special benefits to appreciate and encourage good performance. For instance, if a client is satisfied with a paper you have submitted and chooses to work with you for the next order, you can receive a 50 % bonus.

Our Expectations

One of the most significant advantages of working with us is getting good money for your time and skill. In return, however, we expect our writers to produce, professional and authentic papers, maintain good relations with our customers, timely delivery of assigned orders and adherence to all company terms and conditions.

Available Payment Methods:

We offer several payment methods for your convenience

  • Wire Transfer
  • PayPal
  • WebMoney
  • Local bank cards for some countries

A writer's level of writing is determined by the result of the test taken when registering. The test results dictate the number of orders you will be allowed to take at a time. After the initial assessment, the writer's level can only be upgraded with an improved performance which is evaluated through the number of completed orders, minimal revisions, timely delivery of orders positive customer feedback and reports from the quality assurance department.

Please note that once you have accepted an order, you automatically agree to comply with the requirements of that order. These requirements include the deadline for submission, the number of pages and the offered price for the paper.

We release payment twice  a month. The salary is released approximately after the 18th-21st  for orders submitted between the 1st -15th date of the month and 5th-8th for the orders completed between 15th- 31th (30th). Please be patientas the payment department will always process the payment within the stipulated days.

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