How it works

Follow the following steps to become a member

Before you register, please remember to fill in the correct information in your profile. Giving false information is discouraged as it causes unnecessary delays while seeking clarifications later on.

Please follow the link below and upload the samples papers with questions

Step 1: Sign up

Click on the sign in button and fill out the application form. The information given about yourself and your experience in freelance writing will make up for your profile

Step 2: Take our test

After successfully creating your profile, you shall be required to take a short test to enable us to evaluate your level of writing. The test consists of a grammar and a brief essay writing quiz. Every writer must pass this test before they proceed to the next level.

Step 3: Initial training

Once you pass the test, you shall be required to give a username and a password after which your writer's account will be activated. The administration will contact you to provide you with the initial training as well as the necessary training materials. This initial training will be provided to you free of charge.

Step 4: Take orders and provide custom written text

At this stage, you shall be allowed to bid and take orders from clients. Writersarch is very keen on quality products, so writers are encouraged to take orders in areas that they are most proficient in. They are also expected to submit papers that are free of plagiarism and in good time. We guarantee our writers regular and timely payment for quality papers.

Step 5:We proofread your text

Please note that all papers are proofread and checked for plagiarism and grammar mistakes after submission. It is therefore imperative for writers to submit authentic papers with well-expressed thoughts. Poorly written papers will not be considered.

Step 6: Get Paid

There is no limitation to the number of orders that you can take in a month. However, all approved orders will be paid twice a month, and in addition to that, special bonuses will be given for excellent performance.

Step 7: Get promoted

Besides offering bonuses, we reward excellent performance with promotions by upgrading our writers' accounts. These promotions come with higher payment rates and other special working conditions. We also promote our best writers to positions of editors or managers.

Step 7: Sample Papers

To ensure that we only high expert writers, we ask you to upload some sample papers of your previous work. Please adhere to the instructions provided here on how to upload sample papers with questions.